About Us

Community Housing & Resources, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization partnering with the City of Sanibel to provide affordable housing for families and individuals who work on and/or serve the community of Sanibel:

  • one member of the household must work full time on Sanibel or
  • are retired or disabled longtime residents of Sanibel

CHR (Community Housing and Resources, Inc.) was formed in 1979 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to address the growing need for affordable housing in the Sanibel community. In 1983, an ordinance was passed by the City of Sanibel that established the Affordable Housing Program and CHR was designated as the city’s housing foundation.

Today, CHR owns housing units at various locations on Sanibel, including 74 rental properties and 14 Limited Equity Ownership (LEO) homes.



“A Key to Serving Our Community”

  • Sanibel’s economy depends on the hundreds of people who provide services through island retail and other businesses
  • Living on the island removes the stress and high cost of a long daily commute
  • Workers who live on the island can be available at short notice
  • Social and economic diversity is a priority for Sanibel and a part of The Sanibel Plan
  • We all benefit when our island work force lives in the community and participates in schools, churches and community events
  • No one should have to leave a familiar community because of age, disability or lack of finances
  • CHR is a hand up! It provides an affordable home for 150 island residents in eleven rental complexes and 14 limited-equity ownership homes throughout the island



Executive Director
Melissa Rice

Housing Administrator

Bonnie McCurry

Maintenance Professional
Ken Shearer



Richard Johnson

Vice President
Norm Essey

Mona Strasser

Les Boyle

Dr. Stephen Brown
George Campean
Dorothy Donaldson
Jerry Edelman
Tim Garmager
Dr. Phil Marks
Aaron Pruss
Doreen Ruane

Honorary Board Member
Nina Klaudt

City Liaison Councilman
Jason Maughan

Richard Johnson (President), Dr. Phil Marks, Norm Essey, Melissa Rice
HOA: Dr. Phil Marks, Tom Gilhooley

Building & Grounds Committee: George Campean, Buddy, Dave, Dave, Dave, Ted, Scott, Neil
Development Committee: Tim Garmager (Chair), Dr. Steve Brown, Robyn Moran, Paula McDonald
Landlord/Tenant Committee: Lisa Bramm (Chair), Chris Heidrick, Andy Boyle
Marketing and Communications Committee: Les Boyle (Chair), Calli Johnson, Melanie Moraga
LEO Committee: Dr. Phil Marks (Chair), Norm Essey, Tom Gilhooley
Governance Committee: Norm Essey, Richard Johnson
Nominating Committee: Dr. Steve Brown (Chair), Richard Johnson, Les Boyle, Jerry Edelman
Personnel Committee: Richard Johnson (Chair), Les Boyle, Doreen Ruane
Expansion Committee: Norm Essey, George Campean, Mona Strasser, Aaron Pruss


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