Rain, Rain, Go Away

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Photo of new rain gutter

Keeping dry—new rain gutters on CHR rental units keep water from damaging buildings and equipment.

Wells Fargo grant provides rain gutters for CHR rental units

SANIBEL, Florida – August 13, 2014– Sanibel’s Community Housing and Resources, Inc. (CHR) was recently the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation that was applied toward the cost of installing rain gutters on CHR rental properties.

“The gutters were needed because some of CHR’s buildings don’t have extended overhangs,” said CHR’s executive director Kelly Collini, “When it rained, water was running down onto the residents’ lanais and onto air conditioning equipment. Now, we’ve redirected the rain water, which keeps our residents dry and protects our buildings.”

Grants like the one from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, along with donations from local business and caring individuals, help CHR to maintain 74 rental properties that serve 150 tenants. “You can imagine the upkeep,” Collini said, “but CHR is dedicated to providing nice living spaces, and we couldn’t do it without great support from our business partners and from the Sanibel community. CHR really appreciates it, but it’s our residents—your neighbors—who receive the benefit of this generosity the most.”

Indeed, CHR residents represent people and families that the Sanibel community meets every day. Among them are bankers, cooks, teachers, writers, artists, realtors, conservation workers, and office workers, just to name a few. “Paying for rain gutters might seem like a simple thing,” Collini adds, “but when you know that the end result is support of a fellow islander and neighbor, your perspective changes.”

Community Housing and Resources, Inc. (CHR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing affordable housing for families and individuals who work full-time on Sanibel and for long-time or disabled residents of Sanibel. For more information, visit online at www.SanibelCHR.org, or call 239-472-1189. Donations and contributions to CHR are tax deductible.