It All Adds Up

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Don’t discount spare change in the donation box

CHR Donation Box

CHR values all levels of giving and knows that even spare change can make an impact.

As noted by the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” A great example of this is the impact of the good old cash donation box.

A donation box near a cash register provides convenience to customers, offering a simple way to give. After all, who wants to deal with a pocket or purse full of change? Dump it in the little box and make a difference in the world. If so moved, stuff in some bills for a bigger impact.

“The idea is that it adds up,” says Kelly Collini, executive director of CHR (Community Housing and Resources). CHR has a donation box at Bailey’s General Store and at the new Bailey’s Marketplace in Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. “It shows that when people pool their resources, even in such a seemingly small way, you can make a difference.”

Collini also believes that such giving benefits the businesses that allow nonprofits like CHR to collect gifts through donation boxes. “We’re certainly thankful to Sanibel businesses like Bailey’s for allowing and even encouraging the donation boxes,” she adds. “For the business, it shows that they value giving back to the community through the work of organizations like CHR.” Customers like it, too, Collini notes, both as a convenience and as an awareness builder. “It’s another way for them to see us out there—to be reminded of the needs of their neighbors and of the island community that they enjoy.”

So the next time that you find yourself with a handful of change and a few spare bills, look for a donation box nearby, and if there isn’t one, recommend one to the store manager. Little things do add up.

Community Housing and Resources, Inc. (CHR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing affordable housing for families and individuals who work full-time on Sanibel and for long-time or disabled residents of Sanibel. For more information, visit online at, or call 239-472-1189. Donations and contributions to CHR are tax deductible.