Jennings Donates Remaining Campaign Funds to CHR

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Jennings Campaign Fund Donation_with Richard Johnson_WEB

CHR board president Richard Johnson (left) and Councilman Jim Jennings at the June 21 city council meeting.

Following his re-election to the Sanibel City Council, Councilman Jim Jennings donated the remainder of his campaign funds to island nonprofit organizations including CHR. CHR Board president Richard Johnson attended the July 21 city council meeting to publicly thank Councilman Jennings for his donation.

“Councilman Jennings did something a little unusual in that he had a few dollars left over from his latest campaign and he moved that money over to the treasury for Community Housing and Resources,” Johnson said during public comment. “Jim, we thank you for that. We appreciate it very much.”

Ultimately, Jennings’ donation was a symbol of his longstanding desire to give back to his community. “It was a very nice situation to be in where the whole community comes together to help get me re-elected and I do appreciate it and want to thank you openly.”

Jennings is also the city council’s CHR liaison. In that role, he keeps the council apprised of CHR’s activities and assists CHR with its city business. Past CHR liaisons include Kevin Ruane, Doug Congress, Mick Denham, and Steven Brown.