Sanibel Fellowship Donates Time and Treasure

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Pastor Mark Hutchinson of Sanibel Fellowship, a Christian Bible study group that meets on Sunday mornings at the Sanibel Community House, visited a recent CHR board meeting with some members of his group to deliver a donation of $400 and to offer volunteer support where needed.

R to L: CHR board president Richard Johnson receives a check from Sanibel Fellowship's Pastor Mark Hutchinson, and Dr. Bob Stuckey.

R to L: CHR board president Richard Johnson receives a check from Sanibel Fellowship’s Pastor Mark Hutchinson, and Dr. Bob Stuckey.

“Sanibel Fellowship is a church that wants to get involved in the community,” Hutchinson told CHR board members, “helping people as they struggle with life problems. Our people want to do more than give financially to Community Housing and Resources, we want to make ourselves available to help any way we can with some of the practical day to day needs.”

CHR executive director Kelly Collini points to volunteerism as an integral part of what makes CHR function. “From the board of directors and board committee members—who are all volunteers—to the dedicated people that help us with maintenance projects, special events, and a host of other things, CHR values the time that volunteers give in support of our mission. It’s an understatement to say affordable housing would not be possible on Sanibel without the dedication of our CHR family.”

Local nonprofits like CHR require monetary donations in order to provide their services, but oftentimes donated time is just as valuable. “When you add up the hours and hours of volunteer time that people have given to us over the years,” Collini notes, “that time represents an investment. People give time for the same reasons that they give money—because they believe in a mission and are passionate about helping others. That is what Pastor Hutchinson and Sanibel Fellowship are doing.”

Sanibel Fellowship meets at the Sanibel Community House every Sunday morning from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. and is open to all. For more information, contact Pastor Mark Hutchinson at 239-284-6709.