CHR Elects Essey as New Board Vice President

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Johnson-welcomes-Essey-as-new-VPCommunity Housing and Resources (CHR) has a new Vice President in place on their board of directors after officially electing Norm Essey at last week’s board meeting. The Vice President slot had been open for quite some time after the unfortunate passing of the previous VP and one of the integral founders of CHR, Ray Pavelka.

Essey is an accomplished attorney and former national manager in the commercial real estate and title business and had previously served as a member of the CICLT board, the entity that oversees CHR’s affordable home ownership program. He joined CHR’s board of directors in February and is excited to increase his involvement and organizational leadership through his new role.

“From the beginning, Norm has brought value to both the Coast and Islands Community Land Trust and Community Housing and Resources boards. Filling the vacancy left by Ray Pavelka is a daunting task and he is up to it,” said Board President Richard Johnson. “Norm has shown that he is a great leader and will help guide our organization to continued success in his new role as Vice President of CHR.”