CHR Board Spotlight: Les Boyle, Board Secretary

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Les-BoyleLes Boyle joined CHR’s board in January 2015 and stepped up into the Secretary role very shortly after. Born and raised in Indiana, Les has a degree from Indiana State University in Business Administration and Transportation and began his career in the trucking industry.

His love for the outdoors led him and a new business partner to purchase 33 acres in southwest Indiana and build a lakefront home with their own bare hands and sweat equity. They mortgaged the home for seed money and founded their own full-service marketing communications company that eventually grew to be the 6th largest agency in Indiana and a top 25 B2B agency in the country with over 40 employees.

Les and wife Sandy eventually sold the company after 30 years and have been settled in Sanibel officially since the 90’s. They enjoy the outdoors, fishing and, boating and are both actively involved in multiple island organizations.

Les’ vast knowledge of business administration as well as marketing and communications has served the board well as he acts as director over the board’s volunteer marketing advisory committee in addition to his Secretary position.