Fact Sheet

CHR (Community Housing and Resources) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides affordable workforce housing on Sanibel.
CHR was formed in 1979 and has been serving Sanibel for 38 years. Sanibel’s affordable housing program was the first of its kind in the state of Florida.
CHR maintains 74 rental units in 11 locations on Sanibel. One 12-unit complex (Casa Mariposa) is designated just for seniors.
We have units ranging in size from studio to 3 bedroom/2 bathroom.
Unlike in other cities where affordable housing is in strictly defined areas, CHR’s properties are conveniently spread throughout the island and blend in nicely to the the adjoining neighborhoods. A property map as well as unit photos can be found at sanibelchr.org/ourproperties.
Qualified families and people who work full-time jobs on Sanibel, as well as longtime Sanibel residents who are retired or disabled. The majority of CHR residents are full-time workers on the island.
Potential residents must meet basic requirements before applying:

  • At least one adult within the household must be currently working full time on Sanibel;
  • Senior citizens or disabled individuals who are not working must be year-round residents
    on Sanibel.
  • Additionally, there are annual entry income levels that applicants cannot exceed

After meeting basic eligibility requirements, potential residents must fill out an application and pay an application fee. Points are assigned based on income level, length of time working on Sanibel, and length of residency on Sanibel. Vacancies are filled following the points assigned.

Rent is calculated on 30% of gross household income. In 2015, our average rent was $690.
CHR provides shelter, to an average of 150 people in our homes each year.

On a daily basis that 150 people with a roof over their head for 365 days a year. Annually that means we’ve made a big difference over 54,750 times.

CHR’s budget is dependent upon 3 main sources of income:

  • Rent from our residents represent just under 50% of CHR’s revenue,
  • While Grants, Support and Donations from our generous community represent the balance, This includes revenue from our biggest fundraiser of the year, Mardi Gras.
No. CHR is not a department of the city, however in 1983, an ordinance was passed by the City of Sanibel that established the Affordable Housing Program and CHR was designated as the city’s housing foundation. To support this, the city provides support and CHR has a liaison on the city council.
CHR currently has 4 staff members, 11 volunteer board members, and some very dedicated volunteers who often help with CHR projects, many of whom are CHR residents. CHR’s board president is Richard Johnson of Bailey’s General Store and the Executive Director is Melissa Rice.
Affordable housing makes living on Sanibel possible for people that otherwise may not be able to, creates diversity on the island, and most importantly, gives a “hand up” to many deserving people.

  • Sanibel’s economy depends on the hundreds of people who provide services through island retail and other businesses;
  • Living on the island removes the stress and high cost of a long daily commute for workers;
  • Workers who live on the island can be available at short notice and are able to be more
    reliable employees;
  • Social and economic diversity is a priority for Sanibel and a part of The Sanibel Plan;
  • Everyone benefits when the island work force lives in the community and participates in
    schools, organizations, churches and community events;
  • No one should have to leave a familiar community because of age, disability or finances.
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