About Our Residents


Most CHR residents work full-time in island businesses and organizations that you patronize every day. The availability of affordable housing on Sanibel allows them to live close to where they work and to become an active part of this island community. CHR residents have worked at some of your favorite Sanibel businesses and organizations!


Seniors and Disabled Island Residents

CHR also provides housing for seniors and disabled islanders with a long history on Sanibel. When a spouse passes away and a widow or widower is forced to sell their island home where they lived for many years, a CHR rental unit can mean the difference between staying here and having to move off-island or even out of state.

The same holds true for long-time residents who become disabled. After being such a big part of their community, these residents should not have to feel forced to leave, and having an affordable housing program for Sanibel ensures that they will have a chance to stay.

A few words from our residents…

“My family and I have worked on Sanibel for more than forty years. CHR makes it possible for us to live here as well.” – Yleana

“I’ve been on this island for over thirty years. After my wife died, I had two teenagers to bring up. CHR provided affordable housing so I could continue to work and live here and contribute to this remarkable community.” – Randy

“Without CHR’s affordable housing, I wouldn’t have been able to raise my son in my home town.” – Katie

“My jobs since moving to Sanibel have all been for Island businesses that support the continued patronage of visitors that propel our local economy. . .I could not afford to be here in a decent living environment without CHR.” – Allen

“I work on the island and being able to live on the island has saved me hundreds of dollars in gas and wear and tear on my car. I love the small community.” – Vivian

“CHR allowed me to return ‘home’. My children were born here, my husband died here, my children and their families live here.” – Helma