Frequently Asked Questions

No, smoking is not permitted inside any building or substantially enclosed spaces, including porches, owned or used by CHR.
Yes, all adults over the age of 18 are required to be employed full time. The exceptions are dependent full time students, disabled individuals, or retired individuals.
No. CHR does not allow pets.
To be eligible for the CHR program, you must work full time on Sanibel or be a retired or disabled resident of Sanibel. Once you have met one of the above criteria, points are assigned based on income level, length of time working on Sanibel and length of residency on Sanibel. Vacancies are filled following the points assigned to each applicant.
Sometimes there is a waiting list other times there is not. Please ask about the waiting list when you apply.
Your actual credit score is taken into consideration but we also review your history of paying obligations and for previous bankruptcy.
Rent is based on 30 % of all household income, including wages of all adult household members, child support, alimony as well as interest earned on any bank accounts, IRAs and other investments.

The amount calculated for rent does not include utilities. Tenants pay a set amount each month for trash removal and sewer. This amount varies by location.

Yes, there is a $75 processing fee for each application submitted.
Four to six weeks depending on how promptly we receive your application with required documents and third party verification from your landlord, bank and employer.

Please email us if you have any other questions.