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"Babee Girl"

by Rena Martinson


After creating “Sea Clover” last year, Rena decided that this year she would add her baby. “Babee Girl” has been hanging out with Mama Sea Clover this past year and is ready to go explore on her own. She enjoys taking time to appreciate the many things that life has to offer, like taking the time to smell the flowers, frolic with the birds and tumble in the warm gulf waves, doing what manatees do best… going about life slowly and gently.


Rena has always loved to create, draw and paint from early childhood. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and after high school attended the Southwest University of Visual Arts in New Mexico, receiving a degree in art/graphic design. After graduation Rena returned to Wisconsin and pursued a career in graphic design…but somewhere along the way painting became her ultimate passion.

Since moving to Florida, Rena’s been inspired to create many playful flora and fauna works of art, and Babee Girl reflects this dressed up in the beauty and vivid colors of Florida. “She’s taking time to smell the flowers and to slow down, manatee style,” Rena explains.

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