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"Hippie-Dippie Manatee"

by Toni Matthews


Toni incorporates the laid-back and fun lifestyle of Sanibel in the 60s and 70s using bold and bright colors. This manatee will perk you up, make you smile and certainly help you remember some fun times!


Toni has always been a creative person and was originally influenced by her grandmother. She grew up in Texas and throughout high school participated in the Art Shows that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo would host. However, it was not until a few years into college that Toni realized she would want to pursue a degree in Studio Art. Toni will complete her fine arts degree in fall of 2021 from Sam Houston State University.

Toni is a mixed media artist who incorporates sea life and recyclables into much of her work. In her artwork she is inspired by the protected land and animals of Sanibel Island.

Sponsored by Chris & Crystal Smith. Located at Big Arts

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