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"Jewel of Dinkins Bayou"

by Mary Snyder


Mary often kayaks in Dinkins Bayous hoping to encounter manatees. One afternoon, while kayaking with her cousin, a mother manatee surfaced nearby and after determining that all was well, she brought her baby to the surface to visit. Mary was inspired by the baby and named her manatee “Jewel” in her honor.

Mary imagines that “Jewel” enjoys much about the bayou and often will visit Captiva and Jensen’s Marina where she loves the Captiva Mullet March Parades with all the music, singing and costumes. She is portraying Jewel in the costume and finery of a true “Mullet Marcher” but with her own interpretation as a member of the new “Manatee March – to Save the Seagrass.”


Beadwork has been a passion of Mary’s for many decades. It all started when one of her favorite necklaces broke and she decided to fix it herself. She signed up for a beading class and never looked back. Since becoming a permanent resident on Sanibel, she’s exhibited and sold her work in various boutiques and galleries around the island. Two years ago, she was invited to join three other women in the “Bead Studio,” but after COVID hit they were forced to close the location. “When one door closes another opens,” says Mary. “We were invited to manage the new gift shop at BIG ARTS, and today we show our work there as well as manage!”

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