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"Martha Fudge-Bel"

by Andi McCarter


Martha Fudge-Bel is designed to represent all the wonders that make Sanibel home. From the mollusks and crustaceans that donate their homes to the shell museum, to the turtles that share their beach with us and our guests, to the eagles and ospreys that nest in our sanctuary and to the manatees that keep our sea grass trimmed, all things that have made Sanibel a special magical place, and whose habitat must be protected and preserved. The people who make Sanibel home are special too, and Martha Fudge-Bel symbolizes the need for housing to be affordable and accessible to everyone.


Andi has created hand built narrative clay sculpture for over 45 years. Moving from Miami, she lived and worked on Sanibel for 13 years. She has expanded her art medium to watercolors, decoupage, and collage.

Andi’s art reflects her personal narrative with the goal of engaging the viewer on a subliminal level. Her creative process channels each piece to develop its own path. When it is successful, the result is often revealing and surprising even to her! The viewer can experience the piece in their own context, and maybe it will be revealing and surprising to them too. Andi says “I just try to stay out of the way and let my instincts do the work. That’s where the magic is for me.”

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