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by Laura Conway


Laura was inspired to paint her manatee to look like mother of pearl inlay because it reminded her of the pattern of water drops shimmering on the manatee’s skin as it surfaces for air. She named her manatee Pearl because “She is a jewel of the sea.”


Laura is decorative artist and Sanibel resident who has worked for clients on Sanibel, Captiva and around the U.S for the past 26 years. She specializes in stenciling, glazing and multi-layered embedded plaster. She creates custom floorcloths, painted furniture and shelled accessories. Laura also stages and decorates island homes. People may have seen her work under her company name, Paintress6, in the window at Cips Restaurant on Sanibel. “I like putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I love my clients and I love that they ask me to do such a variety of things to create an island home.”

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