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"Periwinkle the Manatee"

by Jeff & Dale Ocasio


Drawing attention to life in the tides and beneath the waves, Periwinkle is a playful homage to all living things in her watery wonderland.


Jeff & Dale Ocasio are award winning local artists who work collaboratively to create sculpted and digital art expressing an imaginative, storybook spirit. Figurative sculpture is a large part of their work with a cast of characters who are mostly quirky, always imperfect and offer a whimsical diversion from everyday life. Sculpting with paper masking tape over wire and reclaimed objects is a unique medium they find extremely liberating. Each sculpture is encased with layers of acid‐free glue, color is added with more layers of acrylics, and protected with matte varnish. Many of their sculptures are documented through their own digital illustrations and animations.

Sponsored by Catherine and Michelle. Located Molly Malone’s Seafood

Manatee Location