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"Pete the Pirate"

by Erica Sharp & The Sanibel Sea School


Aaargh, Matey! Pete, the Pirate Captain, travels the SWFL seas with his band of ManaPete pirates in hopes of protecting the area’s precious sea grass and mangroves.


Erica Sharp was born an artist but it wasn’t until the ripe old age of seven that she knew she wanted to be an art teacher. Many years later, she has realized her dream and is currently teaching art at The Sanibel School. “I couldn’t be happier in my position,” says Erica. “It is so much fun teaching, learning, creating, and exploring different mediums with the children. More importantly, I love getting to know my students, allowing their individual light to shine, helping them see their potential, and watching them grow into the best versions of themselves they can be.“

Sanibel School 8th grade students Sophie Allen and Micah Baker put their creative talents together to help create “Pete the Pirate.” “I wanted to give them the ability to help the community while also providing them a platform to showcase their talents.”

Sophie has been creating art her whole life but became interested in learning more about art at age eight. “I was heavily influenced by cartoons and that’s why I like color and tend to create more cartoonish things. I like seeing people’s reactions to what I create.” Micah has been drawing pretty much his entire life. “Starting to learn through doodles at a younger age, I thought that drawing was very fun so I continued to practice. My mom is also an artist so she supported my learning and taught me how to draw different things.”

Sponsored by Sue Kressley & Greg Anderson. Located at Joey’s Custard

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