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"Sanibel Traveler"

by Taryn Manning


“Everywhere I travel I pick up stickers to remind me of favorite places and destinations!” says Taryn Manning. “The Sanibel Traveler is inspired by the vintage suitcases covered in stickers and painted in a style to look like stickers that mark another destination off your bucket list!”


Taryn Manning is a graphic designer, calligrapher, creator, and crafter. Shortly after graduating from Colorado State University with a BFA in Graphic Design, she traded in her mountain views for the beach views and warmer weather of Southwest Florida where she has been for five years.

She currently works as a Graphic Designer and Brand Manager for a local apparel company and spends her spare time doing her second creative passion, calligraphy. She takes inspiration from her surroundings and finds a way to intertwine that with home décor, painting and photography.

Last year Taryn created “Mythiccal Mermaid” inspired by old legends of sailors spotting mermaids but really seeing manatees. This year, she brings her talents to create the “Sanibel Traveler,” a manatee painted to show off your favorite Sanibel destinations for both locals and visitors to the islands.

Sponsored by Terri Kuhl. Located at Sanibel Skin Spa

Manatee Location