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by Challen Rivera


Challen chose the name Sheila because “My ten-year-old daughter walked by while I was working and asked if that could be her name. I asked, ‘So, she’s a girl?’ When she nodded, I looked up the name and found that it means ‘heavenly’. That was all she wrote!”


The creative style of this aspiring self-taught contemporary artist has been described as “intrinsic and saucy.” Challen Rivera’s family roots, though established in Ft. Myers, harken back in large part to her Southern and Jamaican heritage. “As a young wife and mother of four, I have spent the last eight years actively building on a family legacy of art and creativity, “ says Challen. “Helping others find joy and freedom of expression through the arts is my goal and passion!”

Sponsored by and located at MudBugs Cajun Kitchen

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