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"We’re All Mad Here"

by Cheryl Logan


“We’re All Mad Here” is based on The Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat. Trying new mediums and whimsical themes, Cheryl’s chosen to create an Alice In Wonderland type Manatee.


Cheryl Logan is a lifelong resident of Lee County and worked as a professional real estate title examiner until a few years ago when she took up painting and has been nicknames “Van- Toeh.” “When I finished my first painting, friends told me it was very Van Gogh-like,” Cheryl explains. “I said ‘No, it’s very Van Toeh-like.’” (While Van Gogh was missing an ear, Cheryl is missing a toe!)

Painting portraits of friends or their pets is her favorite hobby. Last year Cheryl created “Flossie and Fiona” which garnered much attention throughout the season. This year she is delighted to come back once again to help CHR raise much needed funds for affordable housing on the islands with her fun Mad Hatter manatee.

Sponsored by and located at Bailey’s General Store

Manatee Location