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Manatee Madness is coming to our area in December, and you won’t want to miss this spectacular fundraising event for Community Housing and Resources (CHR) on Sanibel. Fifteen local artists have focused their creative talents on what would normally be a basic manatee mailbox. Well, not for these icons. The CHR manatees have been transformed into whimsical, patriotic and passionate objects of art, including one entirely covered in Sanibel seashells. They will be placed at various sponsor locations all over the island for three months, and with the presenting sponsorship of the Sanctuary Golf Club foundation, they will be up for auction in early April 2021.

“We wanted to create a buzz while staying safe, so we thought what better way to showcase our local talent and at the same time raise much-needed funds for Sanibel’s Affordable Housing program,” said CHR Executive Director Melissa Rice. “We thought everyone would have fun with this event. Keep your eye out for the Manatee Madness booklet which we’ll be distributing all around the island. It includes a map to help you locate all the manatees at various local businesses. Take a photo and send it to CHR for our Manatee Madness alerts!

Participating local artists include: Jim and Patty Sprankle, Rena Martinson, Ginny Dickinson, Marianne Ravenna, Peter Zell, Lacy McClary, Joan Tangren-Reynolds, Anita Force Marshall and Bob Marshall, Kym Mason, Taryn Manning, Brian Weaver, Danielle Branchaud, Cath Branwood, Kristina Jackson, and Cheryl Logan. All received their basic manatees in September, and they have been working furiously on their creations to be unveiled in December.