Manatee Madness on Sanibel 2021 Artist

Cath Branwood

Sponsored by and located at MudBugs Cajun Kitchen

Mondrian is “…kind of a shady character when you first see him, “ says artist Cath Branwood. “He bears many scars but something tells you he has a heart of gold…a wanderer amongst Manatees, fractured perfection!”


Cath is truly a creative artist in every sense of the word. She is originally British, has traveled widely and followed many career paths, but knew being an artist was her true purpose. Her passion is original, contemporary artwork through paintings, digital art, murals, photography, and spoken poems in Florida. She is author of “The Four-Three Poetry Blog.”

Cath is currently working on a tandem series of pieces for a solo exhibit scheduled for July 2021 at THE SIDNEY & BERN DAVIS ART CENTER

in Fort Myers entitled The “Me, You, and Them” Exhibit. Cath believes in building community, and so the aim of the show is to make us feel connected as human beings. The show’s pieces will be contrasting in content and style, inspired by the pandemic isolation and ever-changing life events of 2020.

Cath is creatively inspired by almost everyone she meets and everything she experiences in life, so her work is varied and pivots in style, based on the world
around her.