Manatee Madness on Sanibel 2021 Artist

Cheryl Logan

Manatee Name

Flossie and Fiona


Manatees have a storied history. Some people believe they are what made sailors first believe in mermaids. Others refer to them as sea cows for their massive body mass, explains artist Cheryl McDunnah Logan. For that reason she chose to paint her manatee mailbox as a cow, whom she affectionally named Flossie. “My grandmother’s middle name was Flossie. She always hated it because she thought she was named after the family cow. So Flossie, the sea cow, is in honor of both my Nana and our family’s beloved pet cow.”

Cheryl McDunnah Logan is a lifelong resident of Lee County. While she grew up in Fort Myers, she has lived in Cape Coral for the last 26 years. A professional real estate title examiner, Cheryl only took up painting a few years ago.

She laughs as she explains the origin of her “professional” artist name—Van Toeh. “When I finished my first painting, friends told me it was very Van Gogh-like. I said ’No, it’s very Van Toeh- like.’” While Van Gogh was missing an ear, Cheryl is missing a toe. “The name stuck and has since taken on a life of its own.”

All kidding aside, Cheryl appreciates the opportunity to create a sea cow mailbox for such a worthy charity.