Manatee Madness on Sanibel 2021 Artist

Danielle Branchaud

Manatee Name

Fairweather Friends

Sponsored by FINEMARK BANK and Located at CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife)

“This is my personal ode to the simple joys I found in the midst of social chaos,” says artist Danielle Branchaud. “I’ve always had a particular fondness for birds, so I decided to pay homage to our most common feathered friends on this project. They are a testament to the endurance of life, and remarkable diversity of the Florida ecosystem.”

Danielle Branchaud is a fine artist and surrealist currently living and working in Fort Myers, Florida.

Known most notably for her dreamscapes and portraits, she has always held a great love for the old world and the natural world.

Her latest works reflect the delicate relationship that humanity has with all that exists both within and without.