Manatee Madness on Sanibel 2021 Artist

Kristina Jackson

Sponsored by DICK & SHERIDAN SNELL and Located at FISH

Kristina Jackson named her manatee “Worlds Within.” The inspiration is a photo snapped during a guided tour she took in Northern Florida’s Crystal River. The water was exceedingly calm, she explains, but below the surface there were 40-plus manatees feeding and enjoying the water’s warmth. “One manatee had algae growth on her skin and little fish were swarming around her to eat. She was a statuesque world
unto herself. It was a beautiful sight I won’t soon forget.”


A native of Pasadena, Maryland, Kristina currently lives in Cape Coral. She started painting when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and needed to slow down. She retrieved an unused easel she’d had for 16 years and poured her feelings onto the canvas, feelings about her disease, about societal expectations, about beauty, and about love. Art has been a healing journey of self-discovery for Kristina. Currently she is working on a poetry art book.