Manatee Madness on Sanibel 2021 Artist

Rena Martinson

Sponsored by JIM & DULCE DOSS and located at BIG ARTS

“Sea Clover” honors the manatees’ favorite vegetarian snack, which is not only tasty but produces beautiful flowers when it blossoms. The intricate detail of this work will awe you!


Rena says she’s always loved to create, draw and paint since early childhood. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and after high school attended the Southwest University of Visual Arts in New Mexico, receiving a degree in art/graphic design. After graduation Rena returned to Wisconsin and pursued a career in graphic design…but somewhere along the way painting became her ultimate passion.

Since moving to Florida, Rena’s been inspired to create many playful flora and fauna works of art. She continued this theme on “Sea Clover” to express the underlying message of taking a moment to smell the flowers and the need to slow down, manatee style.

She says her manatee is taking time to appreciate the many things that life has to offer, dressed up in the beauty and vivid colors of Florida.